About Cranberry

What We Beleive

We do small in a big way. We have a rich history of helping small businesses and organizations tell their stories. Let's face it, bigger companies don't really need our help. These companies have their own gravity. But we've been where you are now and know the challenges small businesses encounter in getting attention online. Team Cranberry exists for the sole purpose of helping smaller companies share their stories and engage with a larger audience.

We are guardians of time. We believe that people have plenty of time for things that matter to them. Our job is to help you matter. We do this by creating content experiences that have proper alignment between the content marketing and the content being promoted. Cranberry is a BuzzFeed free zone.

Our History

David McInnis started Cranberry in 2015. Mr. McInnis is well known for PRWeb, a service he launched in 1997 that would become the largest content marketing platform for press releases visibility. With Cranberry, we are expanding beyond the world of press releases to help companies share their content in all its forms.

While Cranberry is a relatively new company, our team has been in the online marketing trenches since 1995. It's no exaggeration to say that we have seen just about everything in online marketing. We are even guilty of launching a few trends ourselves. We have always been big advocates of content marketing in all of its forms. Everything we have been a part of has brought us to where we are now. We believe that Cranberry represents our best; a culmination of 20 years on online experience in a content marketing platform.

The Gist

  • Cranberry is a content marketing platform for all of your content.
  • The Cranberry Gist is a compact content bundle, perfect for shorter attention spans.
  • The Cranberry Gist platform simplifies persona marketing.
  • Cranberry is the only native content distribution platform available to content marketers.

Quiet Leadership

Long before Gary Vaynerchuck (wiki) could legally drink wine, a decade before Google was a thing and many years before Seth Godin (wiki) discovered permission marketing a small group of internet marketers was already engaged in making a difference for tens of thousands of small businesses.

Our Passion

The Cranberry team is on a mission to help small and mid-sized organizations share their stories. We know that smaller organizations and startups have a hard time garnering attention for their products and services. Our approach bypasses traditional media to place your content directly in front of your customer. We combine message-craft, persona marketing and a tight news format with content marketing to drive engagement.    


David A. McInnis, Founder & CEO

David is passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses tell their stories. David founded PRWeb in 1997 and remained the CEO until the sale of the company in 2006 to Vocus, Inc. During his time at PRWeb, David rewrote the rules of online PR and news distribution. He popularized the notion of direct-to-consumer news distribution through aggressive content marketing. He oversaw the building of technologies that transformed the online news business.

Read more about David McInnis at GiantCranberry.com.

Jovan Johnson, Co-founder & COO

Jovan has built a career around vertical market integration. She comes to Cranberry having launched many consumer brands. She oversees brand development, operations, and marketing for the Cranberry network of companies. Project management for Cranberry's Live Oak Initiative.

Our Formula for Successful Content Marketing

Cranberry helps you overcome three significant online marketing challenges:

  • Visibility - Cranberry places eyes on your content through placement strategies that include social, native and network placements.
  • Credibility - The combination of persona marketing and the Cranberry Gist format build credibility for your brand.
  • Engagement - Holding attention and promoting engagement is hard. The Cranberry Gist delivers your message in a compact format that is highly relevant to your audience.

But, does it work?

Absolutely. Think about how you got here. Nearly 100% of our traffic comes through the news stories we promote. Chances are pretty good that you ended up here through one of those stories. This means that we placed a story in your path, and it was relevant enough for you to follow the scent to this site. Now you are reading a page about content marketing. Pretty cool, eh?